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SIDE Employee Spotlight: Sini Downing

Name: Sini Downing

Title: Senior Production Manager/Agency Director

Joined SIDE: February 2007

What brought you to SIDE?

“I started in television production, detoured into event management and then wanted to return to media/entertainment. SIDE offered me a chance to use skills from both industries.”

What makes SIDE/PTW special?

“Our commitment to quality – we’re always pushing to do everything well.”

What do you love about SIDE/PTW?

“No matter what we’re working on, we’re doing it together supporting, advising, laughing.”

Fun fact about you:

“I’ve written a novel.”

More about Sini:

“I grew up moving around the world, so being part of a global organization feels very comfortable. I enjoy reading the news from all the different PTW outposts. It’s always interesting, whether it’s business related or the more social/cultural events each team takes part in.”