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How to level up your customer experience in the games industry

Good customer service is good customer service no matter what, right? Wrong. There are some things that are industry specific and knowing those will give you a competitive advantage. We know games almost better than we know ourselves so here are a few tips to smash those CS scores.

1. Add quality assurance

Some customer experience providers provide services outside the traditional customer experience realm so if you choose to outsource your quality assurance and customer experience from under the same roof then not only do you have superior knowledge sharing but customers receive advance notification of any issues and the software development and bug reporting knowledge can enhance the customer experience knowledge bank. Plus, new bugs can be communicated via social media to the player community before patches are released. Now that’s a slick process.

2. Use ready-made experts

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a games customer experience agent! It’s not quite got the same ring to it but customer experience agents from games backgrounds really are super. By hiring people who are gamers too then you already have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. Happy days!

3. Bring the passion

What do you get when you put someone who loves games into a job about games? A whole lot of passion, that’s what. Customer experience agents who love the end product will have a genuine desire to help other players experience the same pleasure. Plus, we all know that passion means going the extra mile to achieve resolution.

4. Tech talks

Being a technical whiz kid is pretty handy in most industries but in games it is essential. Games customer experience agents tend to be switched on to the latest trends in technology and are fluent in all channels making understanding technical queries a breeze.

5. The old switcheroo

Sometimes we all have to balance different methods of communication or different tasks simultaneously. In games support, that can be extremely important. Luckily all that game playing makes games customer experience agents excellent multitaskers so they can easily switch between channels and resolve complicated queries without breaking a sweat.

6. Understand cultural requirements

International companies can hire multi-lingual customer agents to tick boxes for different geographical requirements. However, do the agents really understand the cultures? There is more to providing a relatable customer experience than having someone who can speak the same language. Agents who have a deeper cultural knowledge can apply those specific nuances to their interactions to make sure the customer experiences a service that is tailored to their expectations.

7. Go team!

Multiplayer games are just one of the reasons why being a team player is essential in games. To support a team, you have to understand what it means to be part of one. It also doesn’t hurt to demonstrate a fun side when the lines of work and play are blurred. Quick game at lunch anyone?

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